Matching responsible pet guardians with Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue's dogs is our primary goal.  We carefully interview potential adopters because we want to make sure the right match is made.  We work hard to fit your adoption criteria with the pets we have up for adoption.  We want the adoption to be successful for both you and the dog.  Too often pets end up in shelters because they were never a good match for their homes in the first place.  Our adoption fee is $250.00. 

Adoption Process

  1. Start by completing an application.  Applications can be submitted on-line or you can email us and we can mail you a form.  Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee that a dog will be placed with you.
  2. Once you submit your application, if your information matches our adoption criteria and we have a dog(s) that is well suited for you, you will be contacted by a Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue volunteer by phone or email for an interview usually within 48 hours.  Please remember that we are an al volunteer organization - we make calls after work, after having dinner with our families, on the weekends...patience is appreciated.  If through the interview process, it is determined that the dog is a good match, the volunteer will set up a time for you to meet the dog at a neutral, dog friendly location.
  3. After you meet the dog and it is determined that the dog is still a good match, a home visit will be scheduled so that you can interact with the dog in your home setting, with the entire family and existing pets.  A home visit is a mandatory part of the adoption process, no exceptions.
  4. If you approved to adopt, a volunteer will provide you with information on what steps you must take prior to adoption (supplies, fence repairs, etc.) and make arrangements for your new best friend to join your family.


Foster Process

  1. Foster homes go through the same interview and review process as potential adopters. Fostering can be anywhere from a few days to a few months.  You can indicate on the application that you are interested in fostering.  It's the hardest job you'll ever love!

Adoption and Foster Application

Please complete the application in its entirety.  Incomplete applications will delay processing.  By submitting the application, you understand that Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue reserves the right to deny an adoption to anyone who does not meet the adoption criteria established by the organization.  By submitting the application you give permission to Snow Capped Shepherd Rescue to verify all application information.


Your Name:

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Length of Residency at Above Address: 

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If Undecided, Are You Looking For a:   Puppy   Adult
Would You Prefer a:
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Is This Pet for a Gift?  Yes  No  If Yes, Who is the Recipient:    Age: 

Reason for Wanting a Pet (Select as Many as Apply):

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 Watchdog   Hunting    Child's Pet  

Would This be an:    Inside    Outside    Inside/Outside Animal

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If Outside, What Type of Shelter Would You Provide? 

Where Would This Animal Sleep? 

Where Will You Keep This Animal While:

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Number of Members in Household: 

Name(s) and Date(s) of Birth of Other Adults in Household (if applicable):

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Ages of Children in Household (Please Include Even if Only Occasionally in Residence): 

Have You or Any Member of Your Household Ever Been Convicted of a Crime Against Animals?   Yes   No

Other Pets (Please List Type, How Many, Ages and Where Housed): 

Have You Had Pets in the Past Other Than Listed Above?   Yes   No

If Yes, Where Are They Now? 

Name of Veterinarian:    Phone #: 

Will you Spay or Neuter This Pet?   Yes   No

If This Pet Becomes Ill or Injured, Are You Able/Willing to Spend $500 or More for Vet Care?   Yes   No

Do You or Anyone in Your Household Have Allergies or Asthma?   Yes   No

If Yes, Please Explain: 

Which of the Following Best Describes Your Home?

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Do You?   Own   Rent       If You Rent, Does Your Landlord Allow Pets?   Yes   No

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